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1. How to sign up for a course?

Registration is done by filling out an application form. The course and proficiency level are assigned after a conversation with the teacher.

2. Can one join an ongoing course?

Yes, it is possible to join an ongoing course. After a conversation with the teacher the right group is chosen based on the proficiency level of the student.

3. How long does a class last and how often do they take place?

Classes last 90 minutes (2 x 45 mins), with typically 3-4 meetings per month.
A detailed class schedule is available on the group's website.

4. Do the classes take place online or in-person?

The classes take place online. We have been conducting online classes since 2020. During this time we have developed effective learning methods that serve our students as well as in-person classes.

5. How large are the groups and what are the interactions during classes?

The classes can be anywhere from 3 to 6 students, which allows for maintaining the intimacy of the group and creating a space for high quality interactions with Trainers. Questions are always encouraged during our classes. There is also a possibility of asking questions between classes on a dedicated group chats.

6. What is the cost of the classes and what are the payment methods?

The cost of programming classes in Python and C++ are $50 per 90 minutes. The more advanced USACO classes are $60 per 90 minutes. Payments are made monthly by bank transfer. The total amount in a given month depends on the number of classes taking place that month. Typically, this is 3-4 classes per month, resulting in a monthly cost between $150 - $240 depending on the course and the number of meetings.

7. What is the best age to start programming courses?

Our most popular courses are designed for students beginning their journey at the age of 11. However we have experience working with students starting their programming and creative thinking education at the age of 8-9. Our groups continue throughout all the age groups including early university years where we help student’s prepare for their first job interviews. 

8. For which competitions do our classes offer preparation?

Our classes are designed to develop creative thinking, practical coding skills and complex algorithmical programming skills. We prepare elementary school and high school students for participation in national and international level competitions such as USACO.

9. What is our teaching methodology and which tools are used during the classes?

We have been developing an interactive and engaging way of training our students since 2015. Thanks to the extensive experience of our Trainers we have developed a unique methodology that helps students stay engaged throughout the entire course - during and in-between the classes. Our Trainers have many years of experience in participating in national and international level of competition as well as training and preparing students for participation. More on our methodology can be found in our Methodology section.

In terms of tools, a computer with internet access is sufficient to participate in the classes. Classes are conducted via Zoom. We use Slack for ongoing communication and storing notes. We also use a virtual whiteboard during classes. In the first classes, we show how to install and configure a student's environment on your own computer.

In addition to the course program our students can take advantage of our own educational platform - 

10. What if you miss a class?

In most cases there is an option to attend the missed lesson with another group. We encourage reviewing the class notes and reaching out to our Trainers directly. Our classes are not recorded.

11. Is it possible to learn individually?

Yes, we conduct individual online classes. This is the most personalized form of learning tailored exactly to each student's needs. The cost of classes is $100 for 50-55 minutes.

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